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Inspiring bedroom interiors from Artichouses


Would you like to have a sense of luxury in your log house? Some new ideas how to decorate your home? Take a look at these 5 beautiful interiors that are inviting and warm and get some ideas of your own!

1. Master bedroom combining old and new

This bedroom belongs to a creative couple, who boldly combine different styles to create their own unique decorations. You can easily change the whole look of this bedroom by different kind of curtains hanging around the bed. For more pictures visit: Log house, Vihti

DSC 0174


2. Guest bedroom in a holiday village

Natural colour palette including smooth beiges and browns fits perfectly with a warm log wall. White curtains let the light float in and bring a refreshing feel to a room. Identical head boards and lamps create a harmonious look. For more pictures visit: Holiday village, Azerbaijan

Log Holiday Village Azerbaijan 2


3. Relaxed bedroom

This bedroom has a peaceful atmosphere. High ceilings and big windows create an open enviroment. Minimalistic decorations with just few colours are the key to a balanced bedroom. Simplicity of decorations leaves attention to the beautiful wood work and sructures. For more pictures visit: Brothers´villa

Luxury Log Cabin Russia 1 4


 4. Kids´ dream bedroom

Lots of colours and funky details make this a truly imaginative kids room. This room could be from any childrens book or animation, with all these bright colors. For more pictures visit: Bio Ecologics

Contemporary Log House Bio Ecologics 2C


5. Small bedroom with a perfect view

High windows and glass doors bring a beautiful landscape and more open feel to a small bedroom. Imagine waking up every morning into this beautiful scenery. This room would also make a great office or a small art studio with natural light coming in. For more pictures visit: Contemporary log house,Segala

Contemporary Log House Evesque 11

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