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Finland has more forest than any other Scandinavian country

2016-06-13 17:17:05

We get asked this question a lot: "How is cutting down trees sustainable? Shouldn't you preserve the nature the best you can?" A good question and perfectly understandable if one is not familiar with the Finnish forestry

In Finland, more than 73% of our country is forest, almost all of it sustainably managed. We do not have such an issue as deforestation. Finland’s forests are currently growing at a rate of 105 million cubic metres of timber a year. Over the years 2005−2015 the amounts of wood harvested from the forests averaged 57 million cubic metres a year. This means that annually, an overwhelming surplus of 48 million cubic metres is left to the Finnish forests. 

The forestry (including manufacturing of wooden houses) is one of Finland's most important industries. The ministry of Agriculture and Forestry takes care of protecting our wildlife and forests from unsustainable use. 

We do understand the concern of deforestation and poorly managed forests, but are privileged and proud to say that with Artichouse you do not have to worry about that. The facts speak for themselves. When purchasing a house from us, you can be 100% sure that the wood that creates your future home is from sustainably managed forests. 

And that bold claim in the topic, please read this article by The Telegraph - The countries with the most forest